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Monday, March 25, 2013

It's National Craft Month (and how I got started...)

WOOHOO!  It is National Craft Month, which means it is time to dust off the old sewing machine, buy a few new paint brushes and heat up your glue gun...  There is only a week left to get your craft on so get busy sister!!   

In between making hats and being a mom taxi, I like to squeeze in a little late night crafting just for fun. That's how this whole "business adventure" started.  I was sneeking in a little painting after my babies were finally in bed and before I knew it Doodle Design Shop was born.  7 years later, products have changed, painting had to take a back seat and hats became the primary focus of my business (more on that change of events another day...)  We left the craft show circuit and jumped into wholesale and going to trade markets.  What a whirlwind!  And now, I have come full circle and have started easing back into more crafting and doing a craft fair here and there with my momAll that to say, crafting is just who I am.  I love it, all of it!  

So, let me show you what my Spring Break craft project was
 I have been slightly obsessed with this since I saw it last year and after my friend made one a few weeks ago I knew it was time to bust out the paint and brushes for myself!

I found the tutorial here from the Pleated Poppy. Definitely check it out and start painting!  I cant wait to find the perfect spot to hang her (and I will definitely post pics of that!)  

Here is the finished project from the Pleated Poppy 
{insert oooooo-ing and awwweee-ing here}
More craftiness coming this week... I have a few more obsessions to share :)

Happy crafting!

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